As a business specialising in HR and training solutions, the logo and associated design collatoral need
to convey a number of concepts, key amongst these the notions of strength, growth, and nurturing.
The final branding conveys this idea of growth and nurturing through the use of a seedling or plant as the main graphic motif. The leaves used in the logo graphic are that of a jade plant, which has traditionally been associated with financial prosperity and success. The initials of the company have been embedded in all iterations of the logo graphic.

The colour palette has been carefully selected to reinforce the key concepts driving the brand:

  • As a combination of the colours yellow and blue, the colour green get its mental clarity and optimism from the yellow colour, with the emotional tranquility and insight from the blue colour. It represents growth, nature, money, and safety.

  • Blue is a cool and calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. The colour blue is a popular color among large companies, banks, hospitals and airlines. It is a colour that symbolises loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.

  • Purple combines the stability of the colour blue, and the energy of the colour red. Through the ages, purple has been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige.

Corporate Partners business cards
Corporate Partners business cards
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