The logo for Esther C. Merewether taps into the predominant aesthetic and feel of contemporary nostalgic design: the look of hand-rendered typography or painted signwriting, and simplicity in any accompanying design elements. Because the logo was to be stamped onto coffee cups, it needed to work as a single colour design (black and white). The appropriation of nostalgic design in a monochromatic palette is commonly used by businesses where there is an emphasis on ‘handmade’ or traditional tradesmanship, such as bakeries, coffee houses, butchers, barbers etc.The final design is in keeping with a traditional seal design, with the sunrise motif symbolising the idea of a morning coffee to start the day the right way.

Esther C takeaway cup
Esther C Logo white
Esther C Logo black
Esther C signage
Esther C signage
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