Re-branding for Newcastle Community Arts Centre (NCAC). Logo and assorted marketing collateral developed as part of a Pumphouse School of Design student project, in collaboration with NCAC, (submission only).

"Creativity is a messy process..."


This sentiment was the starting point behind the design process for the Destination Create rebranding. I wanted the final logo to capture the essence of this.

The paint splatter used in the logomark is a way of graphically representing the creative process in all its chaotic glory. The name ‘Destination Create’ lent itself to some form of reference to travel, maps, journeys, or arrivals – a way to say “you are here”. This is illustrated through the use of a ‘map marker’ style icon in the logomark. The stylised marker also references a pencil. This was to try and represent all the different aspects of the arts that would be making use of the space in a way that didn’t necessarily preclude or speak to one form over the other. A pencil could be the material a fine artist uses to create an illustration, or it could be used by a musician to lay out music notation for an arrangement. It could be a performer or director making quick notes in the margins of a script, or a dressmaker drawing out patterns for a design. The top of the marker uses an upper case ‘D’ to give some connection to the name of the brand. The map marker over the paint splatter also creates a kind of stylised lower case ’a’, in reference to the arts.

The client requested that the final logo be adaptable in order to distinguish between various locations or spaces. Rather than use a numbering system, I used colours in order to create a series of sub-logos that could be used both for the different physical locations of the Destination Create spaces, and also as a shorthand for the different areas of the arts that would inhabit these spaces (for example, fine arts and the gallery could be represented by the blue logo, while the theatre spaces and performance artists might be represented by the pink logo, etc.). By doing so each of the physical locations would be able to personalise their spaces (through décor and signage) in a way that created a unique look and feel while still maintaining the overall brand.

Destination Create logo
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